While mobile gadgets have greatly improved 
over the years, batteries seem to have not kept up with the pace. Most 
devices may not even last a day, especially when used for activities 
that can deplete battery life faster. That is why many people today turn
to portable chargers like the Sense 4 Power Bank 10400mAh 
(White) for battery life on the go. 

Strong Compatibility 
Thanks to  IR-charge Tech, the Sense 4 makes for strong compatibility with most cell phones. 

High Capacity 
This is used to assure you of highest quality and reliability. With a
10400mAh capacity and more than 300 recharge cycles over the life of 
the battery, the Sense 4 will never let your phones run out of juice 
when you are outside. 

Humanized Function 
The Sense 4 is complete with 4 LED to indicate charge levels, and enters power saving mode after 3 minutes. 

Ergonomic and Delicate Design 
This new R9 fillet and slim feature ensures a more comfortable grip. 
Portable and light design makes it more convenient to carry in your 
pocket or purse. 

Charging while Discharging 
design allows charges the device while being charged, it saves your 
time. For a better performance, use the accompanying charging cable of 
your device when using the Sense 4 Power Bank. For charging the battery,
please connect the micro USB cable with battery to PC or DC 5V USB 

Dual output with 1 fast charging 2.1A port
10,400mAh Lithium-Ion battery capacity
Input: DC5V 2.1A / Dual Output, 1.DC5V 1A, 2.DC5V 2.1A
Power: 12W Max.
Charging Time: 13 hrs ( 6.5 hrs if using this AC12 i Charger 2.1A Adapter)

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ROMOSS Sense 4Plus Power Bank

  • النوع : Power Bank
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 150.00 ريال

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