Enhance your photographic projects with the Spring Clamp from Manfrotto! Designed for quality and convenience, the Clamp is a multi-purpose device that you can use for a wide range of photographic applications. It works simply: just attach it onto a bar up to 40mm in length and you have a great attachment for lighting accessories. Once attached, the Clamp can be used to hold flats, gobos or reflectors with complete security. The unit has a clamping range of 0.2" to 1.6" (5-40mm) and, for added convenience, includes a 5/8" male stud, and 5/8" female socket, and features a cold flash swivel shoe for shoe-mount flash. Use this to attach cameras, lights, and flashes to virtually anything that fits into the jaws of the clamp. With the Manfrotto Spring Clamp, you have a terrific accessory for a variety of photographic needs!


Weight: 14.81 oz

Attachment: 3/8" thread female, 5/8" (16mm) socket, 5/8" (16mm) stud, Hot-shoe

Clamp range - max. (round tube): 1.57 in

Clamp Range - min (round tube): 0.2 in

Color: Black

Length: 6.14 in

Material: Aluminum, Steel

Max Payload: 4.41 lbs

Note:  Flash in the pictures are NOT included.

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Manfrotto 175F Justin Spring Clamp with Flash Shoe

  • النوع : Spring Clamp
  • حالة التوفر : 10
  • 135.00 ريال

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