The Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G4 camera-mount wireless combo microphone system features the proven combination of reliability, flexible control, and broadcast-quality sound that has made the EW Series an industry standard for videographers, journalists, and content creators all over the world.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of applications, the EW 100 ENG G4 gives you the tools to adapt and meet the wireless challenges that inevitably arise on set. The system includes a bodypack transmitter with an ME 2-II omnidirectional lavalier mic, great for hands-free interviews. Also included is a plug-on transmitter, which can be attached to a handheld dynamic microphone of your choice for man-on-the-street interviews or to a shotgun mic for wireless booming (both types of mics are available separately).

The camera-mount receiver connects to a camcorder or a DSLR/mirrorless camera to capture crisp-sounding speech or dialog, for projects ranging from wedding and corporate videos to documentaries and vlogs.

The EW 100 ENG G4 is backward-compatible with previous evolution systems, giving you the ability to mix and match G4/G3/G2/G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters. It is also compatible with EW 500 systems.

Consists of: SK 100 G4 bodypack transmitter, SKP 100 G4 plug-on transmitter, and ME 2-II condenser lavalier microphone

Directional characteristic: Omnidirectional

EK 100 G4 Pocket receiver

42 MHz Switching bandwidth

20 Channel banks with up to 12 presets each

Up to 20 compatible channels

Audio transmission range: 25 - 18,000 Hz

Frequency transmission via infrared interface

Bodypack transmitter and pocket receiver with charging contacts for optional BA 2015 battery (NiMH)

Pilot tone

Automatic frequency scan feature locates available frequencies

Audio gain: 60 dB

4-Digit battery indicator on the transmitter and receiver

HDX compander

Frequency range: B-Band, 626 - 668 MHz

LCD display with AF level- and channel display

Transmission power: 30 mW

Incl. CL100 cable, CL 1 cable, and CA 2 flash unit adapter

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Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G4 Camera-Mount Wireless Combo Microphone System

  • النوع : Microphone System
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 2,850.00 ريال

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