900W LED Fog Machine

2016 latest masterpiece, LED ~ 1200W smoke machine, spewing smoke is not just white, like what color to what color, remote control, six 3W all lights beads, beautiful shell design, rational circuit design, heating rods and pump balanced combination of smoke emitted by another smooth white.

900W 6*3W LED, DMX + remote: control LEDs 

Power: 900W

Control mode: wire and wireless remote control

Warm-up time: 5 minutes

Oil smoke capacity: 1 liters

Fluid consumption(100% output):5000Cuft/min

Voltage: AC110-220V  50/60Hz

Smoke distance: 2-3 meters

Weight: 3kg


led fog machine05led fog machine06led fog machine07

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Fog Machine DF900A

  • النوع : Fog Machine
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 320.00 ريال

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