Ezviz C6TC Internet PT Camera:

One Camera for the Whole Room.

It has 360° horizontal panorama and smart tracking with Wi-Fi pan-tilt that gives full room coverage with clear 1080p FHD video.

Features tracking motion and video recording at the same time, and privacy shutter to give you your space.

It has  two powerful infrared lights for illumination up to 10 meters (depending on environment), and has day and night modes.

Features also two-way talk, you just have to download EZVIZ app and press the microphone.

Alarm system capture a picture and video footage and send them to the device owner.

You can place it wherever you want and still see the whole room.

About The Product:

Has multiple storage options, and can even save to all three locations at the same time

80° vertical upward and 10° vertical downward rotations

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Ezviz C6TC Internet PT Camera

  • النوع : Camera
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 290.00 ريال

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