✔ Hand Free – clamp on table/desk/bed and rotate any angle to free your hands
✔ 3 Light Color - white, warm yellow, warm yellow + white
✔ 10-Level Brightness – optimize your lighting source as best
✔ 360 degree adjustable – easily rotate the swivel ball head for ideal viewing
✔ Universal Phone Holder – works with all iPhone/Samsung smartphones up to 3.6 inch wide
✔ USB Powered - no battery needed, long USB cable (55 inch) ensure sufficient reach from your USB charger
✔ Multifunction – works both as ring light and table lamp, or even monolights
✔ Durable – quality strong material for longevity/stability
✔ Rubber Cushion Clamp - anti slip/anti-shock for stability and protects your desk or table
✔ Great replacement for phone tripod

LED Quantity: 12 cold + 12 warm, 24 in total
Power: 12W
Clamp Material: Carbon Steel
Color: Black
Power Supply: USB 5V

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ring light USB power

  • النوع : رينق لايت
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 90.00 ريال

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ring light YN128 white

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كرسي ميك اب

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