Capture amazing photos and videos with the underwater waterproof case for Insta360 Ace / Ace Pro. This protective housing case will allow you to capture photos and videos whilst in and around the water.

The waterproof case is ideal for:





And more!

Product Features:

Waterproof up to 60 meters.

The high transmittance lens ensures the video and photography is clear and beautiful

Designed with stainless steel so the buttons will not be affected by the hydraulic pressure when underwater

Designed to provide complete protection against the elements when using your action camera for outdoor activities including surfing, skiing, diving, riding and much more!

Comes with standard quick release mount & long screw which makes compatible with many standard GoPro accessories and mounts

Featuring a cold shoe socket, it accommodates extra accessories like Waterproof Cold Shoe Lights for expanded functionality.

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Waterproof Case for Insta360 Ace / Ace Pro

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