Among the obvious advantages of panel LED video lights: 

  1. Fully Tuneable ( Adjustable between 2800k and 10000k). k
  2. Precise Color Rendering with high intensity.( CRI>95ra). k
  3. Fully Dimmbale from 0% to 99%.
  4. Availbale in Blue and Black.
  5. Highly Controllable by on-board control Panel, Remote, DMX & Phone App.
  6. Beaufiul soft Beam of Light, and it is combination of a precise selection of diffusion panels.
  7. Natural Shadow Rendition:  Mixing some red, green, blue and white LEDs into one homogeneous beam of soft light.
  8. Perfect for vertical lighting: Film & TV service, live broadcast and adversting.

Lights' Specifications: 

 Model: A-2200C
 Product Name: LED Film Light with RGB
 Power: 160w
 Luminance: 16000lux
 CRI: 95ra
 Color temp: 2800k-10000k
 Light Source: RGB+W (3IN1 +1 Separate chip) l
 Light Angle: 120 degree
 Size: 29x50x10cm
 Weight: 4.68kg
 Color for lamp housing: Black/Blue
 Battery: Suitable (optional to buuy)
 Material: Double-sided aluminum plate
 Adjustment: Panel control, Remote, DMX, Phone App

The basic set of A-2200C includes:

Lamp, Diffuser, AC adapter, 4-leaf barndoors


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Yidoblo RGB A2200C LED Video Film Light Panel Lamp 2800k-10000k

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