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Luxlight Photographic Shooting Table - 60 x 100cm
The foldable shooting table is a smart photography support that pops up and down in seconds and provides a photographer with a
non-reflective surface and crisp white background. The light table can accommodate small to medium
size objects and the Plexiglas bends smoothly giving your products a seamless white background as if
the subject/ product is floating when photographed. The Plexiglas surface allows light to pass through,
so you can use a light below the table to illuminate your subject from below. The support will help you to
capture professional looking images and save time with little or no post editing work needed afterwards.
The flexible fold down design means you can store it away easily and simply put it up in seconds when needed, removing the need
for large clunky photography support systems and backgrounds and at just a fraction of the cost.
The foldable light table is the perfect solution for a small business owner looking to create
quality images of their products with either limited space or a limited budget.
To set-up the light table, simply open out the frame, then place the Plexiglas onto its structure, hold in place by putting the Plexiglas
surface under the metal lips at the front and back of the light table. The flat part of the table
where the object sits is 46cm from the floor and approximately 50cm in length with the curve and back reaching approximately 50cm in height

Non-reflective concave shaped Plexiglas for a seamless background (60 x 100cm)
Plexiglas surface allows you to light the subject from below
Very quick and easy to set up rigid frame, fold up and fold down in seconds
Total weight: approx 1.5kg

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60*100cm Folding Portable Shooting Table Photo

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