K-150A studio strobe

This series of studio flash, modeling lights can be set to full brightness or proportional

transferred to the appropriate power, as the flash goes off, with a large studio lights with

modeling lights the same effect. With anti-pre-flash function using a pre-flash with the camera

can be used to synchronize the light control film. The quality, reliable, durable,

suitable for portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video, etc.

Flash Output: 150WS
Guide Number(ISO100):42
Color Temperature:5600±200K
Power Voltage:AC100-120V 60Hz or 200V-240V 50Hz
Flash Power Control:1/8-full stepless
Modeling Lamp:75WS( adjustable)
Recharging Time:0.5-3s
Flash Triggering Method:Sync cord, Slave, Test button, Flash trigger



* Aluminum housing, durable
* Compact size, powerful
* Beep comes charging
* Was equipped with an anti-pre-flash
* LED display precise power stalls
* Multi-layer self-protection.




  • Receiver with sync cable, specially used for studio flash;
    Sync cable for studio flashes
    Transmitter -- 12V-23A
    Receiver power source: 2 x 1.5V*AAA
    Working frequency:433MHz
    4 channels switchable
    Max. working distance--30m (Open area without interference)
    Max. Sync Speed - 1/160 - 1/200 (depending on camera and flash)
    Works for majority of older flashes used with film cameras.
    Warranty time:12 months


  • Wireless Flash Trigger; 

  • 16 channels selectable 

  • Power Input of Transmitter: 23A 12V battery (included) 

  • Power Input of Receiver: 2 AAA batteries 

  • Long lifetime of trigger battery, one year or over 20,000 continuously triggers 

  • Plug size of receiver: 3.5mm 

  • Adapter size for receiver plug: 3.5mm --> 6.35mm 

  • PC sync cable included 

  • Radio working frequency: 433MHz


Soft box:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
A soft box is an essential piece of kit for the photographic studio utilising continuous                                                                                                                                                                          

or flash lighting, creating even, natural, diffused light distribution and eliminating extreme highlights and hotspots                                                                                                                             



Two types of power sources providing by the Manufactory. We default ship the AC220V

power source flash to European countries and Australia, and Ship

the AC110V type to US/CA/Japan.) If you have any questions, please contact us.



Package Contents:


2 x GODOX K-150A studio strobe
2 x Modeling Lamp
2 x Power Cord

2 x Light Stand (Max: 195cm Height) 

2 x 50 x 70cm (Soft Box)

1 x DC-04 Flash trigger with 2 receiver 

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Godox K150A Studio Strobe Room Photo Studio Photography Lighting

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