Easy Hood Triple shoe V-Bracket V-Shape 10.5CM Wide Metal 3 Hot Shoe Bracket 
The Easy Hood Triple Shoe V-Bracket mounts on a camera`s accessory shoe to provide spaced mounting points for lights, monitors, microphones, or other accessories.
Made from one step machined Aluminum, compacted  framework.
Made of sturdy aluminum, it`s also lightweight.
The shoes feature a backstop for secure mounting.
1/4-20 socket for tripod mounting
Available in three sizes, 10.5cm wide , 12.5cm wide,16.4 cm wide,
We have a 16.4cm extra one for your choose.The extra one have 4 nails on the hot shoes.


Package Contains:
1 x Triple shoe V-Bracket 10.5cm

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Camera Triple Mount Hot Shoe V Mount Bracket

  • النوع : V Bracket
  • حالة التوفر : 5
  • 60.00 ريال

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