• Woven pattern surface, fine stitching joint and close fitting line core enable folding resistance and stretching resistance

  • Gold-plated plug remains sensitive after repeated plugging and unplugging

  • Stable and rapid transmmision, the built-in decoding chip enables fast reading of mobile phone audio data through stable and rapid transmission

  • Easy to use, simply through the connection of electronics (home speaker, car speaker) to the mobile phone

  • Notice1: The USB port only for charging, does not support data transmission

  • Notice2: The cable is currently compatible with IOS10-11


  • Brand: BASEUS

  • Model: L34

  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy + Cloth

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  • 6953156254695

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Baseus L34 apple to 3.5mm and USB charging Cable

  • النوع : charging Cable
  • حالة التوفر : 3
  • 80.00 ريال

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