It’s the elegant, compact and safe way to plug in your portable appliances worldwide. Suitable for all equipment without ground pin. (2-pin connections; 2.5A; 110V - max. 275W; 220V - max. 550W)
The various pins can only be moved by pushing the Safety Release Button situated on the side. Unlike other competitors products, only 1 pin can be pulled out at the time thus eliminating the risk of short circuits. 
This World Adapter features an integrated power fuse (T2.5 A) which makes it the safest travel adapter world wide. 
It is light weight and compact dimensions. It is the perfect product for all frequent travelers.

Input Plugs: Euro, UK, USA, AUS 
Output Plugs: Euro, UK, USA, AUS 
Voltage: 110V-max. 275W, 220V - max. 550W
Attention: This adapter does not convert voltage

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  • SA01227

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Travel Adapter Charger

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  • 50.00 ريال

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Travel Adapter Charger

Travel Adapter Charger

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