if you want ND4, ND8,ND16,ND32,ND64 please choose ND16 and leave us a message .The Same is true for ND-PL.




Strong Magnetic adsorption
Stable Mounting
Gentle Clise ,it will be firmly absorbed
you can shake ,wag or jump at will during following shot or sports film ,and don't need worry it'd fall down.


Rapid Replacement
you can mounrt ,dismount or replace the filters in a split second .
change the filters depending on different scenes and you won't miss the wonderful shots


No Damage
the ingenious frame structure design makes it possible to isolate the filter from the original lens,meanwhile provide good protection .


The Distance Between the magnet and the original lens of OSMO Pocket is 0.5mm
the magnet won't touch the original lens


The CPL And ND-PL Filters are adjustable .you can rotate the golden circles to get a satisfied angle for your requirements on polarizing .


Specially selected professional optical lens (imported from germany)
with excellent grinding process,good physical and chemical properties Make your pictures more professional.


Water-proof&Oil-proof&Scratch-proof  Effectively protect filter lens


Ultra light frame Aerial Aluminum alloy frame Ultra-light exquisite craft .
CPL Filter
It is Mainly used to eliminate harmful non-metallic reflected light , and increase the color concentration .
It Also enhances blue sky ,highlights white clouds, Makes the picture more thorough ,improves image clarity and overall creattes a more expressive and vivid photo.
It is also often used in shootting through glass ,water and underwater scenery .
ND Filter
Higher the ND Value,more obvious the light reducing effect .
It Reduces the amount of light in very bright conditions so that camera can choose the correct exposure value and avoid excessive exposure . It also improves the color saturation of the picture,Makes the picture more transparent and alive.

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OSMO Pocket Camera Filter CPL/UV/ND

  • النوع : Filter
  • حالة التوفر : 3
  • 150.00 ريال

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