Product Details of Gimbal Spring Dual Handle Grip Handheld Anti-Shake Handlebar Kit for Ronin S DJI Zhiyun Crane 2 Plus FEIYU MOZA

Features: 1)The Dual Handle Grip made from aircraft grade aluminum which means you get an incredibly sturdy metal that barely adds any weight to your hand. 2) Dual independent adjustable fluid damping - from hard action to soft shooting. 3) The direction of the handle will be adjusted, and the end of the handle has a 1/4-inch screw hole for other equipment. 4) Effective shock absorption, help reduce vibrations up and down, and easily obtain a smooth lens; 5) Professional Design 4th Axis gimbal stabilizer for DJI Ronin S, Osmo series, such as Osmo plus, Osmo Mobile/Pro/Raw etc. Notice: ①How to mount your device to 4th axis stabilizer 1.Insert your device to the hub of the 4th stabilizer. 2.Tighten the 4 screws on hub mount. 3.Take up the stabilizer and observe both arms’ level. 4.Adjust the spring tension of both arms by the knob near handle 5.Check if both arms are at the same level. 6.If not, please tune the left and right damping knobs to minimum position, and test filming. If the effect is not good, and then fine tune the knob agin until the springback is minimum. ②How to replace springs 1.Remove the screw and nuts near hub on spring with removal tool and hexagonal wrench, and then remove the spring. 2.Remove the screw and nuts on arm near handle with removal tool and hexagonal wrench. 3.Mount the one side hook of the selected spring with the screw and the nuts. 4.Fix the other hook of the spring and the arm.

Specifications of Gimbal Spring Dual Handle Grip Handheld Anti-Shake Handlebar Kit for Ronin S DJI Zhiyun Crane 2 Plus FEIYU MOZA

  • Brand: DF

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for Ronin s / Crane / Moza air 2 spring Dual Handle

  • النوع : Handle
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 400.00 ريال

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