This is original Xiaomi Youpin Official product ,There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it .

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Personalized sound adjustment volume custom-made five-speed reverberation personality adjustment, multi-scene atmosphere to create, high-pitched and translucent, medium-tone delicate and soft, full of bass and full, anytime, anywhere concert level experienceHTB1AUaSX5frK1RjSspbq6A4pFXavHTB1bJW2XZrrK1Rjy1zeq6xalFXah


HTB1A.mTX.jrK1RkHFNRq6ySvpXawHTB13qqUX2fsK1RjSszbq6AqBXXaq (1)HTB1ZVGUXZnrK1RkHFrdq6xCoFXayHTB1oIeVXZfrK1Rjy0Fmq6xhEXXa4

  Professional Capacitor does not let go of every detail of the sound JUNLIN digital microphone has ultra-high sensitivity, 16mm gold-plated condenser head, excellent transient response, smooth frequency response curve, clear and accurate output.HTB1rByVXZ_vK1Rjy0Foq6xIxVXao

High-quality monitoring The HiFi-class digital amp is immersed in the ocean of music, giving you a stunning sound experience. The professional audio AK4962 chip is highly efficient, allowing the sound to demonstrate professional quality. Intelligently compensates for microphone gain, combined with a unique acoustic cavity and acoustic structure design, the sound is as detailed as life.HTB1vJmWX5zxK1RkSnaVq6xn9VXayHTB146iVXZfrK1RjSszcq6xGGFXai

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Xiaomi JUNLIN digital microphone

  • النوع : Microphone
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 250.00 ريال

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