Premium Aluminum Protective Frame Housing Case Shell For DJI OSMO Action Camera                                                                                                     


  • 1 This product is suitable for OSMO ACTION motion camera, which can replace the original plastic protection frame.

  • 2 The material of the product is made of CNC with new high-grade aluminum alloy material; no scratches, no sand spots, exquisite workmanship and perfect performance.

  • 3 Anodizing process makes the product more environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, anti-static, difficult to absorb dust, easy to clean and other high quality

  • 4 Add the top hot shoe head, you can link the auxiliary shooting accessories such as fill light and microphone;

  • 5 Slide extrusion design makes installation quicker and more convenient.

  • 6 The side of the charging port and the large opening of the card slot can be used for both the frame and the charging.

  • 7 The bottom universal snap design makes it easy to link more sports camera accessories such as selfie sticks, tripods, backpack clips, suction cups, etc., allowing OSMO ACTION to record every moment of your life.

  • Made of premium quality aluminum alloy material.

  • Anti-wear, durable and premium.
  • Good cooling performance, prevents camera from crash caused by overheating.
  • Easy way to connect your for Osmo Action to handlebars, helmets, backpack mounts or extension poles.
  • Material:aluminum alloy
  • Color:black

Packing list:

  • 1pcs Protection Frame 

  • 1pcs Hand screw

  • 1pcs Long screw

  • 1pcs Adapter

  • 1pcs Base

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Protective Frame Housing Case Shell For DJI OSMO

  • النوع : Frame Housing Case
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  • 100.00 ريال

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