The 67mm wide angle conversion lens is designed to be used exclusively for DSLR cameras. When mounted onto DSLR digital camera Lens, it enables the maximum wide angle to be increased by 50%, allowing more details to be captured in a single image. The 2 element optical glass system is fully coated to attain maximum light transmission and image clarity. Other features include detachable macro attachment for close-up photography; darken glass edges and pro matt housing finishing to minimize external flare and reflection from entering the lens. 82mm front filter threads further allows the placement of filters for other required effects.


·        Magnification: 0.45x Wide

·        Maximum aperture: F/5.6

·        Lens Construction: 2-group/2-element

·        Lens Compatibility: f=35mm

·        Coating: Anti-reflection

·        LENS SIZE(mm): 85.0(diameter)x37.0(height)

·        Mounting Size: 67mm lenses

·        Filter size: 82mm

·        Weight: 160g

·        Accessories: Lens Leather Zipped pouch, Lens cap, Rear Lens cover.

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67mm 0.45x Wide angle lens

  • النوع : wide angle lens
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 120.00 ريال

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