You are buying a brand new photo studio softbox light tent set. Ultra compact design
making this set the best choice with competitive price.
Use it in the studio photography or videography as well as in location projects.
The DEEP photo tent is the most affordableset in the economic market today.
This Photography Studio is durable, and it has amazing shooting effect. Perfect for items
like Jewelry, toys, electronics, cosmetics and so on.
Unique design, good quality and easy installation.
Standard color temperature: 5500K color temperature make photo color standard.
Easy shooting: Press switch comes steady soft built-in illuminant, no need to adjust
lighting, portable with highly bright shooting effect.
Easy to maintain: Delicate Acrylic plates and Acrylic white background paper; wipe dust
with wet cloth or ethyl alcohol.
Durable: Acrylic material with smooth pure white background, durable for years, no worry
about any scratch, deformation or fade, 8000 hours lamp life.
Amazing shooting effect: High density white soft light without shade, easy to match with
any background paper and camera (adjust with proper lighting exposure).
Perfect for items like Jewelry, toys, electronics, cosmetics and so on (items no more than
65% shooting space).
Model: L100
Material: Acrylic + ABS+pvp+alloy
Broad Voltage: 85-265V
Plug: US plug, EU,for other plugs,please make note
Illumination: 12000LUX
Color temp:5500K
LED life: 30000H
Body size: 1000* 1000 * 1000mm
Shooting space: 800* 800 * 800mm
Package weight: 7kg
Package list:
1*big photo tent cloth(outside black inside light reflection material)
4* LED beads boards(each board contain 80led beads)
12 * Aluminum Alloy Tubes
1 * White Background Paper
1 * yellow Background Paper
1*black background paper
1 * Power Cable (US plug) EU

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100CM LED Photo Studio Light Tent

  • النوع : Studio Light Tent
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 470.00 ريال

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