Color temperature: 5500K






Indicate Index:82


Output Voltage:18V


Input Voltage:85-220V


Luminance in the Photostudio:12000-13000




Appropriate Product Shooting Size:60X60x60








Need no light—directly produce photos without Cutout


60 Taiwan wafer high-power LED lamp beads are evenly distributed in the shack body.


Thousands of reflective grains on the reflective fabric of the shack body diffuse the light onto every part of


the shack body,in which the light luminance is strong and evenly so that there is no dark corner during the


product shooting and achieves real cloth free light.







No RF interference Cellphone, pocket camera and single-lens reflex camera all can shoot


Using the cellphone to do the flicker-free test in the LED studio and the CFL studio




 Strong three-dimensional sense, high brightness, good texture                        Low brightness, severe stroboscopic stripe









High brightness—directly printing pure white background picture


The following brightness test will be carried out by using professional illuminometer on LED photostudio

and the following brightness photostudio


LED photostudio: the brightness is up to 1201*10=12010 lumens, which is more than twice of ordinary photostudio


LED has high luminance, and appears directly a white background


Three 150-watt lights Background is still very gloomy








Safety utilization of electric power


Isolation type voltage design makes you at ease.








Easy maintenance


The backdrops distributed are crease resistant and washable




Less space usage—it can be put on any table to shoot and easy to use.



List of Accessories


LED power supply: x1


LED lamp panels:x4


Supporting bars:x12


Plastic adapters:x8


2 sets of screws




Two backdrops respectively in black color and white color


Packing bag:x1

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  • النوع : led studio box
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 420.00 ريال

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