Nanguang CN-1200SA is a high output LED studio light, it is lightweight and portable for use.
The barndoors help shape lighting area, and the filters for different lighting effects.
The features of lightweight and high output make it suitable for both photo and video taking, either for lights setup or studio illumination.
Product Features
1.This light uses 1152 selected daylight balanced LED bulbs, high output, low power consumption, and long service life.
2. Without Diffuser & Filter: light is of spotlight effect and suitable for shooting at a relatively long distance.
3. With Diffuser: light is of soft light effect.
4. With Filter: the color temperature of light changes from 5400K to 3200K.
5. Slots are designed on the front surface of the product to fix the diffuser and filter.
6. Clamping Screws: To fix the light panel with U-bracket.
7. U-bracket: To fix the light panel and adjust light direction.
8. Dimmer Knob: For dimming, users can dim to suit different shooting conditions.
9. Standalone Dimmer. For dimming conveniently when the light panel is placed at a high position.
10. Power Switch: To switch on or off.
11. Power Input: For input of DC power.
12. Gels Holder: For packing the diffuser and filter.
13. Power Adapter: For AC 100V~230V to DC inverting and power stabilizing.
14. Barn Doors: For better adjustment of light direction. 
- LED Quantity: 1152 PCS
- Total Power: 69W
- AC Power: 100V-240V DC
- DC Power: 12 -16.8V
- Battery Type: for Sony V-Lock Battery
- Color Temperature: 5600K
- Size of light Frame: 460mm * 385mm * 90mm
- illumination (LM): 8273.8 LM
- illumination (Lux): 1m - 10300Lux ; 2m - 2700Lux ; 3m - 1240Lux
- Brightness Control: Stepless
- Weight: 5kg

Package Including:

  • Package Includes:
  • 1 x CN-1200SA LED Photo Studio light
  • 1 x AC Power adapter
  • 1 x 3m Power cable
  • 1 x Carrying bag
  • 3 x Diffuser

  • رقم العرض في الموقع:

  • SA00582

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Nanguang CN-1200SA LED Studio Light

  • النوع : LED Studio Light
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 1,250.00 ريال

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