Item introduction:
This translucent white parabolic umbrella from Selens is a deep, huge, broad light source that wraps light around your subject, yielding clean and soft highlights and rich open shadow. Due to the special parabolic shape of the umbrella, there's a unique mix of soft enveloping light with the kind of crisp detail you only get from the reflectors. Also, the shaft is reinforced for strength with the stainless steel material, and the 16 inner ribs are made of durable fiberglass. You can vary the light quality and output by changing the light-to umbrella distance along the shaft or aim the convex side at your subject or not.
Item features:
  • Durable fiberglass ribs
  • White diffusion material
  • Long throw capability
  • Perfect on location and just set up in seconds
  • No adapter ring required. Just simply pop open and fit into the umbrella receptacle
  • Bounce or Shoot Through like a softbox 
  • Reinforced stainless steel shaft has a perfect strength-to-weight ratio
  • Carry case is lightweight and durable
  • Deep recessed parabolic frame and white diffusion provides even greater light control 
Item specification:

Brand: Selens

Model: U65-T

Material: High quality cloth, fiberglass frame and stainless steel shaft

Size of Length: approx. 120cm

Diameter when opened: approx. 165cm

Depth: approx. 58cm

Weight: 1294g

Function: suit for portrait photography, wedding photography, studio and etc..

Item included:

1 * Parabolic umbrella

1 * Carry bag

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Selens 165cm White Parabolic Umbrella

  • النوع : Umbrella
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 360.00 ريال

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