The Ronin-S/SC Adjustable Monitor Mount attaches to Ronin-S or Ronin-SC through the NATO rail on the Ronin-S/Ronin-SC Dual Handles, allowing users to mount a monitor at an adjustable angle for various shooting scenarios. Other accessories such as the Ronin-S/Ronin-SC Phone Holder or equipment with 1/4'' screw holes can also be mounted to the Ronin-S or Ronin-SC through this monitor mount.


Allows users to adjust monitor angle.

In The Box

Ronin-S/SC Adjustable Monitor Mount ×1,Allen Wrench ×1


Weight: 73 g



Note: Gimbal in the pictures are NOT included.

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DJI Adjustable Monitor Mount for Ronin-S and Ronin-SC Gimbals

  • النوع : Monitor Mount
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 175.00 ريال

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