Why should we use a softbox? A perfect softbox is indispensable for improving your lighting environment of shooting. It can make the color of your photos much brighter, make the saturation of your photos more exquisite and make the range of original light much wider with even and gentle light effect.

This Godox SB-UE 80cm octagonal umbrella softbox is portable and easy to install, with convenient and fast style, which is suitable for studio flash with Bowens Mount. It can meet the lighting requirements in many cases.


Professional reflective fabric with precise color temperature is tailored elaborately, hard skeleton provides enough support for softbox.

Two layers of soft cloth can make light more even, gentle, exquisite, suitable for many kinds of studio flash shooting.

Silvery white umbralla skeleton design, convenient to fold and install, portable, easy to carry.

With standard size Bowens mount, this high quality softbox fits right in any studio.

Widely used, the octagon umbrella softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots.


Brand: Godox

Model: SB-UE

Shape: Octagon

Mount Type: Bowens Mount

Softbox Size(diameter): 80cm / 31.5in

Package Size: 20.5 * 16.5 * 66cm / 8.1 * 6.5 * 26in

Package Weight: 1.627Kg / 3.59Lbs

Package List:

1 * Softbox

1 * Umbrella rail bracket (Bowens Mount)

2 * Soft cloth

1 * Carrying bag

Note: Flashlight in the pictures are NOT included.

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Godox SB-UE 80cm / 31.5in Portable Octagonal Umbrella Without grid

  • النوع : اوكتا بوكس
  • حالة التوفر : 2
  • 220.00 ريال

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