Product Description:

constant light Visico FL-305 with
an octagonal soft box and a four-power control for video and photos.Using
studio lighting Visico, you can quickly and easily assemble a compact studio
for video and for portrait photography or subject.

Visico FL-305 consists of a main unit, four fluorescent lamps and
removable octagonal softbox (oktaboks, oktaform) diameter 55cm. On the
front of the illuminator are standard mounting E27 for four lamps, rear is the
power control unit, allowing individually incl. or off. each of the
lamps, which provides 4-step power control - 25/50/75/100%. Softbox Visico
easily mounted directly on the illuminator and provides soft lighting to set
the front diffuser (included), when you want more contrast and harsh lighting -
diffuser can be removed. Illuminator is centered mount umbrella, using a
variety of type fotozonty can significantly extend the characteristics of the
resulting light.

Primarily illuminator FL-305 is designed
for filming, but the high output power allows you to effectively use it to take
pictures. Of particular relevance, constant light gets in the subject
photos using the object table or light cubes.Unlike flares, constant light
allows you to immediately evaluate the cut-off figure that will surely enjoy
the budding photographers.

Constant light Visico FL-305 is equipped
with a 30W fluorescent lamps, each of which is equivalent to a conventional
incandescent lamp 30W, the total light output is 120W. Color temperature
5500 ° K corresponds to - this is a natural white fluorescent
lighting. Convenient mechanism for mounting studio rack provides fast pan
and tilt fixture if necessary.

Illuminator Visico FL-305 provides
high-quality lighting, and has a light control is recommended for both
beginners and experienced photographers or videographers.

Note: The Stand in the picture is not included.

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  • النوع : fluorescent lamp
  • حالة التوفر : غير متوفر
  • 368.00ريال

  • السعر بدون ضريبة : 320.00ريال

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