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The Celestron C70 Mini Mak Spotting Scope is a Maksutov-Cassegrain-type scope, which means it is inexpensive yet powerful. The Maksutov optical design is recognized for being compact, easy to use, and applicable for both terrestrial (land) and astronomical use. This makes it ideal as a tote-along for a car window, or as a travelling companion for all of your sights in life.

This kit includes a tabletop tripod that has built-in slow motion controls, a built-in zoom eyepiece capable of 75x magnification, and a soft carrying case.

Precise tabletop tripod included

Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design with multi-coated optics

Focal length of 750mm 


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Celestron C70 Mini Mak Spotting Scope

  • النوع : Spotting Scope
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • 920.00ريال

  • السعر بدون ضريبة : 800.00ريال

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