Bowens mount standard reflector dish improves illumination from strobe

18cm in Diameter, Depth 13cm and Color Black (outside), silver reflective (inside)

Aluminum Material, Weight 150g


The Barn Door can be fixed on to reflector. Use 4 leaves for flexible light shaping.

Honeycomb grid controls the direction of strobe light and turns a strobe head into specular light source. It will emit a beam of light precisely where you aim.

4pcs color gel filters create dramatic lighting effects or have different background colors. They are designed to be used with the barn door attachment.

Package Includes:

1x Standard Reflector

1x Barn Door

1x Honeycomb Grid

4x Color Gels Filters (Red, Blue, Green , Yellow)

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Godox Bowens Mount Reflector

  • النوع : دفيوزر
  • حالة التوفر : 1
  • 225.00 ريال
  • 180.00 ريال

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